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Hi im cody. ima huge dork and i like turtles.
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it’s officially october.

now i can watch hocus pocus as many times as i want for the next thirty-one days.


this is the strongest vine I ever seen


somebody take photoshop away from me


He’s holding is little hands like, “umm kind sir I’m back… i… is it ok if I get some more nuts? If not that’s ok I’m just hungry” 


Remember when I was temporarily blind and my mom took me shopping but I got lost in the parking lot and ended up confused and in a hole and she just took pictures instead of helping me

I don’t know what I hate about candy corn the most. Better eat another entire bag and find out.


i was thinking about what would happen if twins met rev!twins and i feel like the first conclusion they’d jump to is that these weirdly dressed look-a-likes had to be clones and the solution to getting rid of them is shooting them with water, AWKWARd

and rev twins would see them as a big pathetic joke before toastin them mercilessly

there’s a whole sort of back story to this? but i’ll refrain from writing it all out here boooop


Can’t stop won’t stop


go home

this wins Halloween